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Sophie Randall

Lose Weight & Tone Up

I've trained with tony for a while now. When I started this journey I was a little self conscious and nervous...Tony helped me change my outlook, my mind and my body ... I would highly recommend him if you're looking for a personal trainer!!

Darren Smith

Weight Loss | 4 Stone Down In 3 Months

Listen to what Darren has to say after working with me

Jerry Miller

General Fitness

Listen to what Jerry has to say after working with me

Nera Jeyarajah

Weight Loss

Honestly meeting Tony was one of the best gifts in life! Since entering the teaching profession I put on loads of weight. Tony helped me drop 2 dress sizes in 6 months!! Yes 6 months! Tony is so encouraging and always pushes me to work my hardest. He knows how to adapt my workouts to suit my preferences by this I mean he doesn’t follow a one size fits all approach instead he helps you create a vision of your best self and he sets you targets to reach that vision. When I started with Tony I couldn’t manage 10 minutes of exercise, now I am working at my peak heart rate zone 45 mins, five days a week. If you haven’t trained with Tony you are missing out!


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